Meet The Team

Meet The Team



Ginger is the mom of this women owned business. She grew up a midwestern girl from Indiana, but now lives full-time in southwest Florida. After a lengthy career working in the medical/legal field as a nurse and assisting attorneys as a nurse paralegal, she now spends her days creating designs or out working on her golf game. When she is not running her business, you can find her on the sidelines of the soccer field, football field, or at any other high school lacrosse, track, or cheer event for one of her two competitive daughters.

Ginger developed a love for art and photography early in life which she inherited from her dad. She also has an interest in interior design and graphic design. Coming up with creative designs for the home, apparel, or any other substrate that can be used to promote a company or event in a new and captivating way, is a challenge that Ginger never turns down. She believes that getting to know more about her customers helps in figuring out how she can better serve their needs, and the needs of their business. When it comes to creating designs and selecting products that are specific to their style and brand, listening to what the customer wants and the message they are trying to convey is key to creating that unique and meaningful design that is perfect for them.



Located in northern Indiana, Brittney is the daughter-in-law of the Uniquely Yours By J & P, LLC dynamic duo. While still working outside of the home for an Orthopedic Group (who happens to be a long time customer), she enjoys spending her free time with her husband, their three dogs and going camping. Brittney has a great sense of design and enjoys utilizing her crafting skills when she isn’t working on a new t- shirt design, a wood project, or coming up with something new and exciting for the company. She enjoys photography and has used those skills to create some beautiful pieces for family members and friends. Brittney is never short on ideas when it comes to our customers. If you need ideas or inspiration for your next business project or an upcoming event, Brittney, or anyone in the design team would be happy to assist you.



Laura Pegler Social Media Manager & Marketing/Non-Profit Coordinator

Laura is a seasoned communications specialist with a proven track record in social media management. Her efforts as the Social Media Manager for the Captiva Erosion Prevention District highlighted her ability to engage communities on environmental issues. At the Uncommon Friends Foundation, she enhanced their digital outreach, and as the Marketing Chair for the Learning for Life program, she promotes educational initiatives. Currently, Laura is also the Social Media Coordinator for Kimmie’s Recovery Zone in Fort Myers, where she supports recovery and wellness initiatives.  Beyond her nonprofit work, Laura manages several business profiles, including overseeing the social media for Uniquely Yours, demonstrating her broad expertise and impact across different sectors.  Laura is passionate about helping business and non-profits stand out in a digital world. 


Customer Service Representative & Presser

Jena is an essential part of the team, and has been with Uniquely Yours By J & P, LLC since the very beginning. As our part-time Customer Service Representative, she has worked with and helped countless customers to ensure complete satisfaction.


Designer & Presser

Since joining Uniquely Yours By J & P, LLC, Peyton has played a crucial role in the continued success of the business. Her exceptional skill set, true passion and creativity has inspired massive growth.



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